Chassis And Frame

Light-weight optimized chassis engineered from aluminum extruded profiles.

Validated thru CAE Analysis and on Road Testing

Steel seat frames and battery box.

Intelligent aluminium frame designed to guarantee maximum stiffness of the structure.

Integrated Roof Rack design.

Highly robust.

Chassis and Frame


Body Panels

Light-weight high quality ABS panels with UV protection. Fully recyclable. Non structural and easy toreplace. Ideal for localisation.

High quality aluminium tooling for repeatability of panels. Vacuum formed ABS panels for quality, styling and localization. CNC routing for accuracy of panel edges and cut out positions for assembly fit and flush conditions.

Battery & Drive System


State of the art 48 Volt Lithium ion battery system designed in Conjunction with German company and localised into S.E.Asia.

  • Cycle life and warranty - 3500 charges or 5 years.
  • Battery status tracking.
  • 100% maintainable.
  • 18650 cells Lithium Ion Cells
  • Advanced BMS algorithms.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • IP65 certified for dust and water protection
  • Quick release system for changing battery approx 10 minutes

Battery Options

Vehicle, Lithium Ion battery system and charging options:

  • Vehicle with battery and overnight (7 hours) onboard charger
  • Vehicle with battery and high speed (85 mins) onboard charger
  • Vehicle with battery and no onboard charger (take to charging station)
  • Vehicle with no battery and battery leasing system.
  • Vehicle with no battery and battery swapping system.

Vehicle packaged to allow a battery with a range from 50Km to 80Km dependent on market requirements.

Vehicle also packaged to work with lead acid batteries.



  • Tires and rear axle rated for max laden weight plus a 30% factor of safety.
  • Automotive driver seat with headrest and 3 point seatbelt.
  • Passenger seat with high back for support in rear collision plus 2 point seatbelts.
  • Steel rear bumper with collapsible crush structure to give protection by absorbing low impact collision forces.
  • Accelerator cutouts on front and rear brake.
  • Reversing beeper.
  • Hazard lights.
  • Horn.
  • Wing mirrors and interior rear view mirror.
  • Parking brake.


  • Automotive driver seat.
  • Ingress egress optimisation for driver and passenger boarding.
  • Foamed passenger seat.
  • Ergonomically designed positions for driver and passengers.
  • Grab handles.
  • Rain covers.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Cup holder for driver.
  • Driver storage area.
  • Parcel shelf for storage.

Optional Features

  • GPS tracking system.
  • Video screen for advertising.
  • USB ports for charging phones, etc.
  • Rain covers.
  • Higher level of rear passenger seat comfort.